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Restaurant Beaune - Le Cheval Noir
Restaurant in Beaune

  • Entrées
  • Fish dishes
  • Meat dishes
  • Cheeses Desserts

Foie gras with macadamia nuts , Small vegetables with orange
and pepper of timut - 24 Euros

Burgundy snails Croquilles filled with garlic butter - 18 Euros

Lobster, Beluga lentil salad, Quail egg with wasabi,
sesame and enoki mushroom - 25 Euros

Poached egg at 65° with meurette sauce,
garlic and parsley finger - 16 Euros

Bean salad, green asparagus and beans Confit egg yolk,
Speck ham chips - 18 Euros

Omble Chevalier snaké, panisse, artichokes
and pakchoï Anchoïade emulsion - 27 Euros

Pike mousse, zander and trout, vegetables Chardonnay émulsion - 21 Euros

Monk Fish in chorizo crust, grilled buck wheat,
Green asparagus, trévise and meat juice - 30 Euros

Comtois of Rumsteack fillet Mashed potatoes et Anna potatoes, redwine sauce (Origine France) - 30 Euros

Half roast pigeon , onions cake, eggplant, Dauphine potatoes, Stuffed tomatoes, juice with Argan oil (Origin France) - 31 Euros

Fillet of rabbit in tempura, mashed carrots with roasted garlic Zucchini, eringi, juice with peanut oil (Origin France) - 25 Euros

Sweetbreads in butter, asparagus, morels, grenailles potatoes, cream of morels emulsion - 34 Euros

Platter of cured cheese - 11 Euros

Cottage cheese served with Bresse style cream - 5.50 Euros

Langre, blackcurrant from Burgundy chutney
Spelt and gingerbread cake - 10.00 Euros

Coffee mousse, biscuit et dark 64% chocolat ganache, Old-fashioned praline ice-cream (Chocolate Michel Cluizel) - 12.00 Euros

Banana cake, compote and banana sorbet,
White cheese mousse and macis - 10.00 Euros

Small Babas with the cream of strawberry , stauwberry and raspberry, vanilla mascarpone cream -11.00 Euros

Range of ice cream and sorbet (3 flavors)
Maitre Glacier PEDONE - 8.50 Euros

Crème brûlée with vanilla from Madagascar - 9.00 Euros

Restaurant Le Cheval Noir - 17 bd St Jacques - 21200 Beaune - Tél : -