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Restaurant Beaune - Le Cheval Noir
Restaurant in Beaune

  • Entrées
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  • Cheeses Desserts

Duck foie gras, watermelon, balsamic jelly, Slices of toast - 21 Euros

Croquilles of Burgundy Snails with garlic butter - 18 Euros

Blue Lobster and soba salad, Spanish Lomo and miso vinaigrette - 22 Euros

65°C eggs, with meurette sauce and garlic finger - 16 Euros

Cold cream soup of Torino tomatoes and gambas,
candied vegetables, mature gouda and pesto - 18 Euros

Lightly seared Redfish steak, puréed carrots, baby vegetables, seaweed vinaigrette with shallots - 26 Euros

"Pochouse" of Zander, Trout fillets and baby vegetables
Chardonnay sauce - 18 Euros

John Dory fillet, chard, girolles, dauphine potato with mortadella, Emulsion of shellfish and Espelette pepper - 29 Euros

The chef suggestion

Beef fillet (250 gr), mashed potato and cassis mustard, shallot confit, red wine sauce. (country of origin - Ireland) - 34 Euros

Roast pigeon breast, pigeon thigh confit, crushed artichoke, eringi, grilled peanut gravy (Origin: Saône et Loire, France) - 28 Euros

Slow-cooked rack of Basque pork, grenaille potatoes, baby artichokes, tomatoes, pork jus. (country of origin - France) - 26 Euros

Golden veal heart sweetbreads, potato risotto, Spanish chorizo, mangetout, creamed veal jus (country of origin - France) - 32 Euros

Platter of Ripened Cheeses - 11 Euros

Fromage blanc with thick Bresse cream - 5.50 Euros

Semi-cured Clacbictou in a honey-olive oil marinade, Dried apricots and dried fruit breads - 10.00 Euros

Slice of seasonal fruit Clafoutis,
Earl Grey jelly and Bailey’s fraîcheur - 10.00 Euros

Instant summer fruit vacherin, fromage blanc with cream,
rhubarb sorbet with vinaigrette - 10.00 Euros

64% chocolate galet, praline feuillantine, raspberry-verbena
centre Ivory Sorbet - 11.00 Euros

Ice cream and sorbet selection (3 flavours) - 8.50 Euros

Crème brûlée with Bourbon vanilla - 9.00 Euros

Restaurant Le Cheval Noir - 17 bd St Jacques - 21200 Beaune - Tél : -